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The Circle Game Meme Socks OG’s 2.0 Blue

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Gotcha! Comfortable white socks with light compression, stitched with our OG circle game meme design. These socks are a great gift for jokesters and pulling pranks on your friends. They’re also great pranks to throw in your family’s stocking stuffers this Christmas 2020! These socks will comfortably fit the following US shoe sizes – Women’s 5 – 112 Men’s 7 – 13.

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The circle game is a novelty meme meant for everyone to play and enjoy, so we put them on a vibrant pair of blue socks to comfort your feet while providing a high-quality prank to whoever looks.

  • The Circle Game Meme Socks Version 2.0 by TC9SOCKS
  • Finely stitched cotton that feels like a cloud of compression wrapped around your feet.
  • Great socks for outdoor activities and professional attire (like weddings) - we make wearing dress shoes comfortable.
  • UPC - 727542391655

Don't know what the circle game is but you hear your kids rambling on about it? Read our article here to stay in the loop and get a clear understanding of where the game originated from: What is the circle game

Style: Crew-Cut
Sock Maker: TC9SOCKS
Materials: Thick Combed Cotton, Polyester, Spandex

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Weight1.3 oz
Dimensions4.25 × .3 × 8.25 in

Shopping Cart

Check out some verified reviews from our Amazon pages