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The Circle Game Meme Socks OG’s 2.0 Black


Gotcha! Comfortable white socks with light compression, stitched with our OG circle game meme design. These socks are a great gift for jokesters and pulling pranks on your friends. They’re also great pranks to throw in your family’s stocking stuffers this Christmas 2020! These socks will comfortably fit the following US shoe sizes – Women’s 5 – 112 Men’s 7 – 13.

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It memes something

TC9SOCKS collection presents the original circle game socks we came out with, but newer and more improved than before.

Our socks no longer shrink after drying, they don't fall down when you wear them and they allow your feet to breathe even during intense exercises AND they're extremely comfortable.

  • Comfortable circle game meme socks for your everyday use. 
  • Made with the following blend of high-quality fabrics - thick combed cotton - polyester - spandex.
  • Prank your friends and co-workers with socks they aren’t expecting, along with a comfortable laugh for you to enjoy.
  • Shipped in a bubble mailer, to get to you as safe and undamaged as possible.
  • Inside of each label, we include a personalized joke you can use as an icebreaker anytime - on the house!
  • UPC - 727542391631

Don't know what the circle game is but you hear your coworkers ramble on about it? Read our article here to stay in the loop and get a better understanding of where the game originated from: What is the circle game

Style: Crew-Cut
Sock Maker: TC9SOCKS
Materials: Thick Combed Cotton, Polyester, and Spandex




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Weight1 oz
Dimensions4.25 × .3 × 8.25 in

Black, Blue, Gray, Pink, White

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Check out some verified reviews from our Amazon pages