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If You Can Read This Socks

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Finally, a pair of funny meme socks that can pack a punch full of value, and beer. This beer gift will not let you down, order yourself a few pairs today, you won’t be sorry.

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If You Can Read This Bring Me A Cold Beer x Circle Game Socks

  • WARNING: Our beer socks give off that, “Now that you can read these, grab me a beer will ya!” vibe. Be ready to engulf it.

  • Having a long day at work is always a toughie, going home to relax, shower, and having a nice cold beer makes every night, an enjoyable one. Buy these socks and no longer say it, just kick your feet up on the couch pointed towards your loved one, and let them know what’s running through your mind.

  • All of our socks are crew-cut sized. Meaning they fit up to a Men’s size 14 COMFORTABLY. If your feet are bigger than that we suggest shopping on Amazon to find a pair that fits you, “like a glove” – Ace Ventura reference.

  • 21 and over! These socks are not meant for any children, teens, and humans of Earth under the age of 21. Drink responsibly, but sock responsiblier. 

  • Last but not least… Make sure you get a few pairs for your friends! Christmas is right around the corner, or stockpile a few for the gym, hikes, or birthday’s you forgot about! Remember, we offer free shipping for orders over 3 pairs!! Our comfortable footwear will not let you down, get yours here today!

Still looking to figure out what the heck the circle game is? Click here to learn more

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