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Cool Avocado Socks


  • Fun avocado socks designed by TC9SOCKS.
  • ULTRA COMFORTABLE – Each avocado provides a level of fluff that’ll have you walking on a cloud mixed with the right amount of compression.
  • Barely shrink! To say they don’t shrink millimeters of an inch on the first wash would be a lie, but they don’t go smaller than that!
  • Have a rip? Don’t trip guarantee – send it back for a refund no questions asked. See the returns and refunds policy page for more details.
  • Made with love, these socks are formulated using – thick combed cotton polyester spandex
  • UPC – 619317908925

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My Favorite Pair

Out of all the socks we sell, these ones are my personal favorite. For some reason, it gives me a confidence boost to my ego of this cool guy that has the ability to finger point his way out of anything.

All of our socks are stitched as well, and since these are stitched with the right amount of love, they have just the right amount of plush and compression.

Style: Crew-Cut
Sock Maker: TC9SOCKS

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Weight0.05 oz
Dimensions8 × 4 × 1 in

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