Groomsmen Socks

Are you picking out groomsmen socks for your crazy weekend in Vegas for your bachelor party? If yes, I’d like for you to imagine what kind of memories you want to remember from it. Assuming you’re the one about to get married, are you; looking for fresh socks for you and your crew so you can look good during the bachelor party and the wedding? Maybe even heading out to Vegas for your bachelor party with your groomsmen to have a last hooray with the boys.

Why not go out with a bang? Dress the way you’ve always dreamed about as a child and show off your fresh outfit in front of your life long friends! Walk around showing off your meme socks, and make people wish their wedding day and bachelor party is going to be half as fun as yours.

Groomsmen socks for Vegas

Funny wedding socks

If you want to have ultimate comfort, from the waist up, we recommend some thick combed cotton shirts preferably from Ralph Lauren ( Not one that keeps the stink in while you’re walking around, making you all sweaty whenever you throw your hands up and letting the B.O breeze out when you’re jamming to your favorite DJ. One that’s smooth, protects you from the sun and helps get wind through those pits of yours so it isn’t building up like a silent but deadly fart during Sunday family dinner.

Here’s a great tip I’m gonna give you for your Vegas ventures….

ALWAYS, wear boarding shorts (swimming trunks) and wake up around noon to enjoy your days by the free pools the hotels offer! I do not recommend wearing sandals, too many people on the strip will stomp your toes out while you’re walking through thick crowds.

Instead of showing off your crusty feet, slip on a pair of our funny socks to keep your feet protected and enjoy countless laughs getting your friends with the circle game! Your sock journey with us won’t end on that trip (unless you lose them). Our socks will last from the bachelor party to the wedding date guaranteed!

Now, I can already hear you asking yourself, HOW can this company be so sure about their quality? And their products lasting so long must be some wack sales pitch.

BUT, it isn’t..

Customer review

We’ve had a team test our socks at the gym, with bare sock workouts (no shoes), hit the sauna and steam room. Marathon runners wear them, active hikers, and groomsmen too! We even met up with some of our customers who were having a bachelor party in Las Vegas and took some photo’s of them for their party!

We’re almost at 100 reviews on Amazon, check them out here, where customers share their stories of wearing our meme socks, pranking their friends and creating countless bonding experiences.

So, to recap: ALWAYS let the groom look fresher than the groomsmen, wear funny socks that can create bonds and great memories; shop quality, not quantity, and envision your memories prior to making them.