Fun Dress Socks?

Everyone stares at my feet whenever I go to the gym, I always think it’s because I walk like a penguin. After I look down I smile and know the reason why it’s because I’m always wearing some fun dress socks!

Men’s dress socks aren’t always stylish, and you can stumble across them all the time when walking through a retailer like Ross or Walmart. The question isn’t how many pairs should I buy, rather it should be how comfortable will these be and does the design make my day brighter?

At Tcgsocks we focus on delivering quality comfort in every pair of our socks, along with an original design for our customers cause let’s face it if you’re here you aren’t “normal”. Normal people will buy a 24 pack of white socks that’ll be stained by their sweaty feet within the first few wears.

Not you though, you buy socks that look and feel awesome, can be used in any type of environment and gets you compliments when you aren’t expecting them. If you’re funny and enjoy a good meme then you’ve landed on the right site today. Dank memes aren’t easy to come by, ESPECIALLY not on socks which is the last place a lot of people expect. So if you’re a natural-born prankster, you’re hearing me right these are for YOU.

Joke Socks

Perfect gift for jokesters

Don’t leave your bonding experiences up to chance, be bold and take risks. 99% of the time our socks leave the best impressions in workplace environments. There are over a handful of reviews TODAY on our Amazon listing from customers boasting how they “get” their coworkers with our circle game meme socks. Check out our Amazon reviews here.

The Circle Game is meant to be a fun game, played by children and adults of all ages. Don’t let any Debby downers tell you otherwise, and if they try to, just get them with our meme socks until they laugh and play the game with you!

Now, let’s talk about quality. Not only do we carry some of the funniest meme socks, but we also have some of the most COMFORTABLE meme’s in the streets today. We blend our socks with Cotton, Polyester, and Spandex to stretch to a crew cut length and fit snug around your feet. BUT, you don’t have to worry about our socks making your feet sweat or stink because they’re breathable too!

dank meme socks

Quality comfort in all of our meme socks

Which leads me to the question now (if you haven’t already) … What are YOU waiting for? Click here to shop our meme socks today to see what we’re talking about!